Cordero Lighting Trade Partner Spotlight:  Urbane Interiors

At Cordero Lighting, we find inspiration in our Cordero Lighting Trade Partner stories – why they select our lighting products and the creativity guiding their designs.  We hope their journey sparks your imagination.

Meet Cordero LightingTrade Partner Urbane Interiors

Urbane Interiors, based out of the Greater Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area, is a full-service interior design studio specializing in modern, transitional interiors.  Stephanie Park, Principal Designer, takes us through her Park Place Project, highlighting the fusion of modern design with a touch of French provincial allure.  The dining space, a blend of traditional formality and contemporary elegance, captivates with its carefully curated elements, including the Cordero Hammered Dome Pendant Light Fixture.

Featured Project:  

Park Place Project Dining space, Greater Phoenix AZ Metro Area.  

Cordero Lighting Product Used:  

Brushed Brass Hammered Dome Pendant

dark and moody editorial interior designer photoshoot
dark and moody editorial interior designer photoshoot

What Were the Design Goals of This Space?

“This space is a traditional formal dining space with an adjacent butler’s pantry (not pictured) and is one of the first spaces when entering from the foyer. Fresh off of a trip to France, I was very inspired by French provincial design, including French doors which came to life during the 17th century French Renaissance. To that end, I wanted the vertical wine cellar to have doors designed in this manner, but with a modern twist. We worked with a local Phoenix company Visionmakers International to custom build the doors out of steel and glass, with an emphasis on modern clean lines and plenty of glass to showcase a curated wine collection. I had the builder create a ceiling soffit, knowing that I wanted to paint the ceiling in a bold, moody color…I feel that this pop of unexpected color warms up a space and creates a cozy feel in a room with high ceilings. I ultimately chose Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, which when paired with the Cordero Brushed Brass Dome Pendant, is the ultimate color combination. For the furnishings, I selected pieces that were relatively simple in their silhouette in order to let the architectural aspects of the room take the main stage. I selected the French contemporary rectangular extension dining table from Restoration Hardware in whitewashed oak, as well as Mila dining chair in Merino Pearl from Arhaus. The black sideboard is also from the RH French contemporary line. The windows are dressed with custom linen drapes from The Shade Store.”

Why Cordero Lighting and Why The Dome Light?

“Like most interior designers, I am always seeking inspiration from a myriad of sources. This includes online sources (aka The Gram Scroll, ha ha), as well as many things we come across in our everyday life or during times of travel. Toward the completion of the Park Place project in spring 2022, I spent a considerable amount of time sourcing a chandelier or pendant for the dining space. Given there is a large vertical wine cellar in the room, the space is full of visual interest, so I needed a lighting fixture that could stand on its own, yet not busy up an already very busy backdrop. I came across the Brushed Brass Hammered Dome Pendant on social media and it stopped me in my tracks! It is a simplistically beautiful piece…it is rich in details, but in an understated way that does not scream for attention. When I initially researched the piece, I reached out to the Cordero team and was met with nothing but amazing customer service! This is not always the case for design vendors, so I was confident this would be a great experience. To top it off, the price point of the piece is perfect and enables many people to be able to enjoy such a beautiful piece in their own homes.”

What Other Cordero Lighting Products Do You Love?

“The piece I am currently loving and will be using in a 2024 design project is the Lina Wall Sconce…what a showstopper!” 

The Lina Wall Sconce

What’s Your Goal When It Comes to Lighting in a Space?

“Most often, the goal I have in mind when lighting a space is to maximize warmth in the space. My typical design aesthetic involves a lot of European influences, which are typically full of warmth and coziness, so the lighting I select needs to create that ambiance.”

Any Design Advice When it Comes to Lighting?

“Go big! So often, when I am completing an initial consult for an upcoming project, the space has existing lighting that is much too small. When a lighting piece is too small, the overall effect is awkward and cheapens the room’s appeal, even if the piece is one that is expensive or custom-made. Oversized lighting gives an instant luxe feel to any space. The key is to balance a large size without a busy profile of the lighting piece itself. Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” I think this advice translates into interior design as well…select a lighting piece that makes a statement, but doesn’t scream for attention.”

Project Details:

  1. Interior Designer — Urbane Interiors 
  2. Custom steel vertical wine cellar french doors — Visionmakers International 
  3. Custom linen drapery — The Shade Store
  4. Photography — Sunday Stills by Rachel Smak & Urbane Interiors

Thank you to Urbane Interiors for being a member of our CHL Trade Program and sharing your project.  We love to see projects come to life and our light fixtures adorn them.  You provide inspiration for us and for others!  Make sure to follow us on our Instagram for other awe-inspiring projects.

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