Motorcycle Headlight

Floor Lamp Story

When I first set eyes on this vintage motorcycle headlight, I was blown away by how fascinating it was to look at. I knew that I had to create a lamp that would be a center piece in someone’s home to showcase this cool find!

I tracked down a vintage photo of the original motorcycle that was home to this awesome headlight.
Motorcycle Lamp

After over a half a century of lighting the path for riders worldwide, this authentic vintage motorcycle headlight sits uniquely fastened to a teak wood and aged solid brass tripod – now an artistic and historic “off road” floor lamp for any space.

Offering versatility and new artistic function, this sleek headlight lamp features a side chrome toggle switch as well as a rotary dimmer knob on the back. While true to the original lines, paint job, and even original removable ignition key, the headlight ‘guts’ have been respectfully rewired with a new socket and bulb to give your space the best shine and salute to rider ingenuity.

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